Dear Commissioner Goodell

The following letter was sent to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell on October 17, 2017.  Dear Commissioner Goodell: As you know, our Nation has witnessed a growing divide due to the frustration and injustices felt by some of our fellow citizens. NFL players across the...

Effective grant writing

Grant writing is the process of requesting funds from various sources, typically through a competition that requires submission of an application or proposal. Nonprofit organizations rely on this form of fundraising to support programs, agency operations or other...

Helping the community hear

When Ashtabula Speech and Hearing Center abruptly closed in 2014, the community quickly saw the effects of the lack of services available. That’s when Ashtabula County Community Action Agency sprang into action in an effort to bring back a much-needed service. ACCAA...

Technology and the Nonprofit

Technology changes rapidly. If you buy a computer, printer, and perhaps a new server today, they all may work fine and meet your current needs. However, if you jump forward five years, you’ll see the computer begins to slow down and it doesn’t work right because...



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