21st Century Community Action: District Meetings

Districts One & Two:

January 12, 2021at 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

Districts Three & Four:

January 12, 2021at 2:00 p.m. – 3:30 p.m.

Districts Five & Six:

January 14, 2021at 10:00 a.m. – 11:30 a.m.

In 1964, Community Action Agencies were established “to give promise of progress toward elimination of poverty or a cause or causes of poverty.” After working to achieve this mission for the past 55+ years, the Community Action network is poised to think about the decades ahead. While the network’s core identity and mission have largely remained unchanged, the challenge of helping families and communities overcome poverty has become more difficult. Obstacles like access to broadband or the affordability of transportation were not the dominant issues in the 1960s, but today they are often among the most pressing needs a family in poverty might face.


In today’s landscape, CAAs must consider their future. What problems should we be addressing today? Who should we partner with to leverage our funds? How should services be delivered? What can we do to get the attention of new donors or supporters? Should the focus be the same as it were? Is poverty viewed differently? These questions and more were and continue to be carefully considered as the 21st Century Community Action Agency project aims to build a modern CAA framework.


The 21st Century Community Action Agency discussion began in 2019 and was comprised of CAA leaders in Ohio and OACAA. With our partner CauseImpact, the group was led through a process known as Zero-Based Planning. Working through a traditional strategic planning process for a newly established faux CAA, the group considered what may be needed to create a Community Action Agency from scratch in 2020.


To expand the conversation and gain more perspectives, OACAA is inviting all member organizations to discuss what it means to be a Community Action Agency in the 21st Century. This thoughtful discussion, broken out by Ohio districts, will be an opportunity to share your ideas, hear from your peers, and help move the Ohio network forward. This facilitated discussion is open to all members. Members are encouraged to register for their district’s designated time, though you may register to join at a different time if unavailable. If you are unsure which district your agency is in, view the Ohio District Map.


For virtual meetings, participants are encouraged to turn on their cameras and join open discussions.


Tom Bishop spent twenty-seven years working in nonprofit media, with more than twenty as chief executive. In that time he served on many local, regional, and national boards of directors and has done everything from direct service, organizational and fund development to advocacy, internal operations, and HR. 

“My passion in work is helping organizations to be more strategic and innovative in what they do, so that they can do good better. I’ve gone from a single organizational mission to living the missions of each of the organizations I work with, so if you feel good about the work you do, imagine how I feel.”
Moving from the NPO C-suite to consultant in 2014, Tom is the Facilitating Partner at CauseImpact LLC where he works with nonprofits in the areas of strategy, innovation, organizational assessment, coaching, and new revenue development.
About CauseImpact: CauseImpact is the ideal partner to help mission-driven organizations be more innovative and entrepreneurial. We have extensive experience assisting nonprofit organizations to grow in healthy ways and achieve new levels of success. We immerse ourselves in our client’s world to develop a thorough understanding of their culture, operations, and goals, building long-term relationships and lasting value. Our comprehensive approach empowers you to examine possibilities, adapt processes and evolve methods that enable your organization to Do Good. Better.™