Volunteers and your mission

Volunteers are vital to the success of Community Action’s mission. Last year, over 37,000 volunteers in Ohio gave over 1.6 million hours of their time, energy, and talents to support the programs and services throughout Ohio’s Community Action Agencies. Those hours...

Self-Sufficient Wages and Health

The United States of America has always held up work as a core value that defines us as a nation. It is commonly expected that everyone who has the ability to work should do so. Phrases like, “the early bird gets the worm” or “the dignity of a hard day’s work”...

CAA announces new President/CEO, Mark B. Lawson

CINCINNATI – The Cincinnati-Hamilton County Community Action Agency (CAA) Board of Directors is honored to announce that Mark B. Lawson will be Gwen L. Robinson’s successor as the Agency’s President/CEO.  Mark currently serves as Managing Attorney of Consumer Law at...

Back to School

As the clock ticks away the 93 Days of Summer 2018, it is back to school for students. From the early childhood preschooler to the anticipatory high school senior, it is time to get back to all forms of educational pursuits. Back to school symbolizes many things for...

Guest Blog: Flourishing in Failure

Back in 1969, my friend Steve turned to his friends and said – “ya know, it’s going to be really crowded. Why don’t we wait until NEXT year to go to Woodstock.” Sometimes we make mistakes! How do you recover from them and more importantly how do you avoid making (at...

Recap: 2018 Annual Summer Conference

Over 200 Community Action professionals, partners, exhibitors, and trainers joined us last week in Dayton, Ohio for the 2018 Annual Summer Conference, #OHASC18, and we’re glad that they did. Together we enjoyed another great lineup of featured speakers and training...



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