Grant and Resource Opportunities

Smile Connect
The SmileConnect® team is dedicated to improving the health of our nation’s children. By improving access to preventive services, empowering teachers to encourage healthy oral habits and better leveraging the skilled workforce, we can, and will, make a difference in the fight against children’s dental disease.

Access from AT&T
Access from AT&T, our low-cost broadband offer to qualifying low-income households in our 21-state wireline footprint, remains available, and is committed to continuing outreach activities in your community to help make sure qualified individuals and households are informed about and have access to the program.  For more information, contact

HUD Technical Assistance
Technical assistance (TA) is available to HUD grantees.HUD has Technical Assistance (TA) providers available to help. For more information or to apply through the portal please visit the HUD One CPD website.

Key Bank Foundation Grants
The KeyBank Foundation is the philanthropic division of KeyBank. The funding priorities of the KeyBank Foundation include Financial Education, Workforce Development, and Diversity. KeyBank describes each of its funding priorities in detail on their website. If you believe your organization is a good fit for the KeyBank Foundation, please follow the link below or continue reading to find out more about the grant proposal. To apply for grants through the KeyBank Foundation, please click here. KeyBank asks that Initial grant proposals and inquiries are sent to district offices. Click here for a list of KeyBank’s district offices.

Wells Fargo
Wells Fargo is offering home ownership grants with rolling deadlines and neighborhood implementation grants with an April 12 deadline.