Are you interested in becoming a Nationally Certified ROMA Implementer?

Here’s your chance! OCATO has partnered with the National Peer to Peer (NPtP) Training Project to offer this valuable opportunity in Ohio and at a reduced cost– which may also be fully reimbursable upon successful completion of the program. This opportunity is available exclusively to OACAA members in good standing. This opportunity will reduce program and travel costs to make this certification program more affordable for more of our members.

Results Oriented Management and Accountability (ROMA) is the performance management system adopted by the Community Action Network. Effective use of ROMA principles and practices optimize agencies required activities such as Community Needs Assessments, Strategic Planning, and Organizational Standards requirements. NCRIs (Nationally Certified ROMA Implementers) are not the sole ROMA contributors, but they are identified leaders who help create and maintain an agency-wide ROMA culture. This training process better assists the agency to support compliance, build capacity, and achieve the goals of your agency.

Mark your calendars today! June 27, 2019

In-person training, 6/27/2019.
Deadline to apply 4/12/2019.

Who should become an NCRI?

The ideal candidate for NCRI certification, should:

  • Have at least 12 months experience with Community Action
  • Possess good oral and written communication skills
  • Be a trusted member of the agency who can provide input to the Executive Director and leadership (this person does not necessarily have to be a member of the leadership team, but can be)
  • Staff who are involved in one or more of the following may be considered (but is not required to be currently involved):
    • data collection, aggregations, and analysis for the comprehensive Community Needs Assessment, identification and demographics of customers, reporting agency services, strategies, and outcomes, uses data for improving agency functioning
    • development of the agency-wide Strategic Planning and/or Community Action Plan
    • works with plans and proposals of agency programs and interacts with all levels of agency staff

Certification Process

The certification process for NCRIs is broken into four phases:

  • Phase One: Online Course. (6-12 hours). Six online modules must be completed prior to the in-class work. Each module takes 45-60 minutes to complete on average.

  • Phase Two: In-Person Course. (1 day, plus time for document gathering). Prior to the classroom workshop, participants will need to gather documents and information about their agency’s mission statement, community needs assessment, strategic plan, and Community Action plan.

  • Phase Three: Portfolio Development. (24 hours minimum). The portfolio covers the five stages of the ROMA Cycle and demonstrates candidates’ professional competence. Between week 3 and week 6 of the program, Study Circle Webinars will be scheduled to walk candidates through each area of the portfolio development. Webinars are 30-45 minutes each. Once submitted, portfolios will be reviewed by Master Reviewers from across the country over the next 3-4 weeks.

  • Phase Four: Online Assessment. (3.5 hours). This 67 question online multiple choice and short answer test is divided into six sections and can be taken independently over the course of two weeks. A grade of 85% or higher is required for the certification.

Other Considerations

When considering which staff person would be most appropriate to complete the certification process, please consider the following:

  • What is the staff person’s current workload?
  • Will they have time to devote to assisting the agency with ROMA implementation?
  • What is their influence, communication ability, and role within the agency leadership and staff?
  • Can this person work across programs using multiple funding sources?
  • Will this person be available to participate in activities across the state/region/nation?
  • Can this person complete the required training before the end of 2019?


The cost of the NCRI certification program is typically $775 per candidate, plus travel costs. OCATO is bringing this opportunity to Ohio and will fully reimburse candidates who complete the training and receive their certification! Once accepted into the certification program, agencies must remit $400 to OACAA to secure their spot. Funds will be reimbursed upon receipt of the certificate.

More information?

Need more information before making your decision to become an NCRI? Contact Josh Summer, or visit the ROMA Peer-to-Peer Training Program website.


To get started, complete an application and email it to Josh Summer at