Ashtabula County Community Action provides homes for the holidays

nfp logoASHTABULA COUNTY – The holidays are often thought of as a time of joy and abundance, but for some families, all they wish for is a roof over their heads and food on the table. At times, families find themselves in unfortunate situations which cause them to become homeless. Two such families came to the door of Ashtabula County Community Action Agency (ACCAA) in early December for help to get back on their feet. Though ACCAA operates a homeless assistance program called New Hope, the need far outpaces the available funding. No monies in the program remained leaving the family without housing until 2016.

When the Needy Families Project was introduced by the Ohio Association of Community Action Agencies, the staff at ACCAA discussed possible projects. They felt there was no better way to have a real impact on these families’ lives than to help them secure a place to call home in time for the holidays. And that they did. In addition, ACCAA also provided some basic household supplies and a food gift card to help make their first days in their home a little more comfortable.

The families were grateful to ACCAA and the Needy Families Project. They are now moving forward again and are stabilizing their lives.