OACAA exists to support its members and to strengthen a unified Community Action presence in Ohio. Forty-eight agencies across Ohio’s 88 counties strive to alleviate poverty and help low-income families and individuals reach self-sufficiency. For nearly 60 years, Community Action Agencies have administered locally controlled programs to meet the unique needs of each community. With over 6,000 combined employees across the state, the independent 501(c)3 nonprofit organizations have administered over $500 million in resources annually with a holistic approach for poverty solutions. Programs often include emergency services, early childhood and adult education, financial literacy, job training, housing initiatives, and much more.

More than 1.7 million Ohioans live in poverty with needs varying from person to person. Poverty is a statewide issue wearing local faces and touches urban, rural, and suburban areas. The shared mission of OACAA members allows each agency to address needs specific to their community and provide the unique solutions each situation demands. OACAA provides support, education, and advocacy to fulfill that mission.

OACAA strives to keep Ohio’s Community Action Agencies in the lead in the fight against poverty through quality training programs, raising awareness of poverty in Ohio, and awareness of the successful programs member agencies have used to battle the causes and effects of poverty. While we are pleased to share information about Community Action and our activities with all interested individuals and organizations, OACAA membership is limited to certified Community Action Agencies in Ohio.


The Ohio Community Action Training Organization (OCATO) was established to address the need for quality training for providers of services to low-income populations in Ohio. This training is geared not only to Community Action Agencies, but to all providers of services: public, faith-based, and non-profits.

Building on a 50-year-history of successfully implementing programs to assist low-income individuals, OCATO has developed an extensive array of useful training programs for both CAAs and other non-profit service providers.

Each of these programs can be tailored to meet the specific needs of the organization requesting training and can be delivered on-site. OCATO works with a requesting agency to determine the type of training needs, what should be covered and how long the training should last. Careful consideration is also given to selecting a trainer to teach the course in order to offer the best fit for the agencies’ needs.

All of our trainers are highly qualified with a higher education degree and several years of experience in the field they’re teaching. They also go through an approval process and must receive annual recommendations.