On-Site Training and Technical Assistance
In addition to conferences and virtual workshops, OCATO’s extensive training programs offer a variety of useful professional development and facilitated workshops that are effective for Community Action Agencies and other nonprofit organizations. Training courses and technical assistance are available at no cost* to OACAA members in good-standing.

Each training can be delivered on-site and is tailored to meet the needs of the organization requesting the training. OCATO will help the organization determine how to best meet their needs and ensure courses are productive and facilitated by the most appropriate consultants with relevant experience.

OCATO staff and Internal Consultants (ICs) who provide training are highly qualified with higher education degrees and several years of experience in the field which they are teaching. All ICs are vetted through a rigorous internal review process and must receive annual recommendations from supervisors within the Community Action Network.
Training Categories
Explore some of our various training career options!