Community Action Helps Family Keep Their Home

Frank and Jennifer were working hard to provide for their two children. Frank had a good teaching position, but his job was eliminated and the only work he could find was as a part-time pizza delivery man. Jennifer was also working irregular hours demonstrating products in stores. But with the decrease in income they were falling behind in their mortgage payments. The couple turned to the Community Action Partnership of the Greater Dayton Area for assistance.

They met with Housing Counselor Vicki Rish in December. Ms. Rish knew they might benefit from the new rules for the Restoring Stability program taking effect January 1. Ms. Rish worked diligently with the couple to complete their application in time for the new program. “I had their application ready to go as soon as they allowed us to start submitting under the new rules,” Rish said. “They came into the program at just the right time. Previously, his part-time employment delivering pizzas meant that they couldn’t get mortgage assistance. The program changes allowed them to get mortgage payment assistance and rescue payment funds.”

The family received a rescue payment to bring their mortgage current and will receive full mortgage payments for up to 12 months or until their job status changes, hopefully for the better if either or both find full-time employment.

“Under the old rules, if you were unemployed and returned to work, even part-time, you lost your benefit,” explained Rish. “Under the new rules you are considered underemployed, and that made them eligible to receive mortgage payment assistance.”

Thanks to the program, the couple has some peace of mind as they go through this difficult period in their lives. They don’t have to worry about losing their home anymore.