Community Action Helps Single Mom Get Finances Back on Track

After a recent divorce, Marie, a stay-at-home mother of four, was left with poor credit and was having trouble finding a job with her limited employment skills. She realized she had a lack of knowledge regarding her finances or how to fix her credit problems. She turned to Lima Allen Council on Community Affairs (LACCA) for help.

Marie enrolled in LACCA’s financial literacy program, Wealth Prep. At the beginning of the four-day course, Marie completed a mission statement to be used as a goal setting tool. Marie’s goal was to create a budgeting strategy that she could stick with, to be aware of what was on her credit report, continue to improve her credit, find ways to save for retirement and start a savings account. After completing the full course and receiving a certificate of completion, Marie set a second mission statement acknowledging that she will strive to be vigilant in her awareness of her spending and savings. She stated that she will set aside time at least twice a week to reconcile her checking account and pocket money to ensure that she’s not overspending, she will pay her bills on time to avoid late fees, and she wants to be proactive in her community and build a stronger support system.

Now Marie has a full-time job as a Head Start co-teacher, her debt is in good standing and she is making monthly payments, she is renting a home of her own, and she is serving as a mentee in the LACCA Mentor Program to build community partnerships. These partnerships have helped her develop resources to get ahead and help others.