Community Action Makes a Difference in People’s Lives

Kim, a client of Ross County Community Action Commission explains how Community Action made a difference in her life:

“While working part-time at my former job, I was in the process of getting a utility disconnected. [Ross County Community Action Commission] assisted me and prevented the utility from being disconnected. While at the local office on a separate occasion, I was encouraged to enroll my son into the Head Start program.

“I follow up and with the support of the teachers and advocates, they made the transition for my son easy. I later proceeded to put my two girls in Head Start. My children were lucky, as well as myself, to have the supportive teachers and all the staff that made it possible for them to attend.

“I appreciated the people so much that I applied for a position within the agency. So glad that my application was accepted and I am now employed and able to assist the clients the way I was helped earlier.

“I have been employed for the last 12 years. I have seen so many clients helped through various issues. It has been truly a blessing to be part of something so generously heartfelt by the majority.”

For more information about Community Action programs in your area, visit Note, not all Community Action Agencies offer these programs.