Community Action Responds: COVID-19

Community Action Agencies across Ohio are continuing to work hard to maintain current services and bring new resources to communities in response to the novel coronavirus, COVID-19. Though some agencies have closed offices to the public to maintain physical distancing requirements ordered by the Ohio Department of Health, Community Action continues to provide the essential services our communities need. We are still operating for you!

Phil Cole, executive director of OACAA, was appointed to the Governor’s Philanthropy Strike Force Committee late last week. The committee was created to gather nonprofit organizations and foundations and maintain vital services to keep Ohio safe and healthy during this time of crisis. Thanks to our members, our network’s initial response was swift. On Monday, six district meeting conference calls were held to share agency responses, challenges, and needs. Those calls allowed OACAA to develop a list of recommendations to keep our network responding quickly.

Be sure to read the Community Action Responds: COVID-19 report to learn more about how Community Action is responding and recommendations made to the committee.