Building REAL Trust and Team


  • Why is it that the only time you build trust is when you are in CONFLICT?
  • What EXACTLY is “TRUST”?
  • Why are EMOTIONAL INTELLIGENCE and TOLERANCE vital to building trust?
  • What are “ANTs” and how do they destroy TRUST?
  • Why does “SPEED” go down and “COSTS” go up when we lack TRUST?
  • How can an organization keep everyone FOCUSED ON ITS GOALS?
  • What SPECIFIC STEPS must managers follow to BUILD RELATIONSHIPS and TRUST?
  • What are “EPR” (Empathic Listening, Parroting and “Rewards”) SKILLS, and why are they CRITICAL in building Trust?
  • How can “RETREATING” and “ATTACKING” communication styles DESTROY all of your relationships … even though they are the most common styles we use?
  • How do the PASSIVE AGGRESSIVES destroy TRUST worse than your ATTACKERS?
  • What should you REQUIRE in your culture to build TRUST?
  • Why did a lack of TRUST cause NASA to blow two space shuttles out of the sky?
  • Why will a lack of TRUST keep you from HIRING and RETAINING employees in the 21st century?

…and MUCH, MUCH more…

Join Scott as he walks you through the basic steps of TRUST BUILDING in order to change your culture and create a TEAM in his own practical, entertaining, and “rubber hits the road” style so you can start using this information IMMEDIATELY!

A recording of the workshop will be available to all registrants following the workshop. To obtain the password and view the recording, email Emily Nolan.

Speaker Bio

Scott Warrick ( is a practicing Employment Law Attorney, Human Resource Professional, and best-selling author with 40 years of hands-on experience. Scott uses his unique background to help organizations get where they want to go, which includes coaching and training managers and employees on-site in his own unique, practical, and entertaining style.

Scott is also a best-selling author. His first book, Solve Employee Problems Before They Start:  Resolving Conflict in the Real World, is a #1 Best Seller for Business and Conflict Resolution.  It was also named by EGLOBALIS as one of the best global Customer and Employee books for 2020-2021. Scott’s most recent book, Living The Five Skills of Tolerance:  A User’s Manual For Today’s World, is also a #1 Best Seller in 13 categories on Amazon, including Business Management, Education, Education and Teaching, Educational, Human Resource Management, Leadership, Minority Studies, Organizational Change, Race Relations, Religious Intolerance, Religious Studies, Teacher Resources, Training, and Workplace Culture. Scott travels the country presenting seminars on such topics as Employment Law, Resolving Conflict, Diversity, and General Differences.

You can learn more about having Scott present his programs to your organization and his books by visiting


Dec 02 2021


10:00 am - 12:00 pm

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