Highland County Community Action hosted U.S. Representative Brad Wenstrup

On October 12th, Highland County Community Action Organization hosted U.S. Representative Brad Wenstrup (R, OH-2) on a special edition of their weekly television show to discuss local anti-poverty initiatives. Topics included the Rural Impact Initiative, the House Republicans’ Better Way proposal to alleviate poverty, and other initiatives throughout the community.

“Congressman Wenstrup has been very active in our community and responsive to our agency,” said Julia Wise, executive director of HCCAO. “I truly appreciate him and his dedication to the community.”

Wise, along with Emergency Services Director Christie Hauke, spoke with Rep. Wenstrup about the Rural Impact Initiative, the House Republicans’ Better Way proposal, and other initiatives to alleviate poverty throughout the community. HCCAO was chosen by the White House as one of ten agencies across the United States to participate in the Rural Impact demonstration with the two-generation approach. Congressman Wenstrup, along with other House Republicans, developed a plan proposing a “sliding scale” for benefits to reduce barriers of low-income households.

“Need and economic opportunity are not unique to any particular party. This is an American issue that we really need to address as American people,” said Rep. Wenstrup. “[If] you grow up in America, we are going to help you when you need it, but there are going to be opportunities for you not to need it.”

Click here to watch the full interview on YouTube.