Highland County Community Action Organization Helps Injured Worker Keep A Roof Over His Head

After 15 years of working, a Highland County resident lost his job due to a life-changing back injury. With the loss of income, he also lost his house and car. Highland County Community Action Organization helped this injured worker get back on his feet.

Highland County CAO offered him rental assistance and heating assistance. “They helped my family have a home, a roof over our heads and we received wood for heating assistance. What a blessing, a gift. This helped so much,” the resident said. “It would be a true struggle [if these services were no longer available] due to our county’s poor economy. Money is very hard to come by. I have 25 years of work experience, but due to injury, it is hard to find employment. There are a lot of really good people struggling daily,” he concluded while thanking Highland County CAO for their assistance.