Housing security helps family move forward

After living in a domestic violence shelter, and with two children to support, Daniel Durbin was unsure how he would find permanent housing. He feared he and his children would end up on the streets.

Community Action Partnership Greene County came to Daniel’s assistance. He had been approved for Section 8 housing assistance, but didn’t have the funds to pay the security deposit for the housing. The agency’s Homeless Crisis Response Program (HCRP) provided the security deposit so Daniel and his family could move into permanent housing. Daniel was also referred to the agency’s utility assistance programs to help him manage his utility payments in his new home.

The family is now living together in a safe, stable environment. Daniel says the assistance made a huge difference in his children’s lives, and he has been able to move on to the next chapter in his life.

(Content originally published in the CAP GDA 2015 Annual Report)