HR/Fiscal Conference: What the heck happened?

Are you paying your exempt employees at least $50,440/year? Starting in 2016, you may have to in order to maintain their exempt status. And that’s not all…

In mid-September, OACAA hosted a one-day Human Resources / Fiscal Conference at the Crowne Plaza in Dublin for over sixty Community Action professionals across the state. Scott Warrick, who specializes in human resources and employment law and training, entertained a mix of Community Action management, human resources, and fiscal staff as he guided us through recent and upcoming changes to the employment laws. Just some of the morning topics included were: off-duty duties, 50-hour exempt agreement, various legal case reviews, and employees’ rights to organize.

After lunch, Scott covered FMLA, ADA, and Workers Compensation similarities and differences, how they work and recent changes. Discussions included eligibility for FMLA, the importance of written essential functions in your job descriptions and much more.

Handouts were provided to attendees and can be made available to other OACAA members if requested. Please contact GregBollenbacher, Fiscal Director, for more information. Or, to learn more about the conference’s speaker, visit his website at, where you can find an abundance of resources on these and other topics.

Greg has over 25 year’s of experience in fiscal management in the Community Action Network and has worked with OACAA, since 2007, to manage all accounting and fiscal reporting. His experience also includes over six years as an accountant for local for-profit corporations. Greg earned his bachelor’s degree in economics from Ohio Wesleyan University and his master’s degree in business administration from Keller School of Business.