LACCA helps customers meet their goals with Steps to Success

The Steps to Success Boot Camp program at LACCA helps participants secure employment and meet career goals. In September 2015, Randy* was referred to LACCA’s program in Auglaize County. He had difficulty securing a job that would allow him to care for his children and meet his child support commitments. Not only did he have the goal of quickly finding stable employment to better care for his family, but Randy also had aspirations to work for a specific employer—AAP St. Mary’s Corp, a local automotive wheel manufacturer.

Randy actively participated in the program. Through Steps to Success, he learned how to construct his resume and accurately complete a job application. He developed skills in professionalism and communication to ready him for interviews and while on the job. Within one month of working with LACCA and the program, Randy was offered a temporary position at AAP St. Mary’s Corp! His new employer was close to home which greatly reduced the worry of transportation to and from work and he was quickly offered overtime and accepted it whenever he could to meet his family’s needs. Less than three months later, Randy was offered a full-time permanent position with the company.

Randy continues to keep in contact with LACCA; he provides updates to the staff, and they encourage him to continue his path of success. Randy stays busy between taking care of his children and work and is excited to have met his goals.

Randy’s hard work and determination are just one example of the success built through the Steps to Success program at LACCA. To learn more about LACCA and their programs, please visit their website.

*Names were changed to maintain confidentiality