Single mother moves toward homeownership with financial literacy training

Sarah*, a single mother receiving social security, completed the Wealth Prep Class at West Ohio CAP in January 2015. Following the advice and teachings of the class, Sarah began applying and managing the information she learned. Not only did she learn steps to create and maintain a budget, cut back on spending, and increase her savings, but she was successful putting that knowledge into practice.

Eager to purchase a home of her own, Sarah followed up with the Financial Literacy Specialist at West Ohio CAP. With a beginning credit score of 509, there was some work to be done before she would reach her goal of 630 so she could apply for the Home Ownership program. She didn’t waste time. Sarah and the specialist reviewed her credit profile and took steps to contact creditors, pay off debt, and dispute incorrect information on her report. After a few months, Sarah was able to pay off some creditors and correct errors from previously satisfied debts that were reporting negatively on her credit report; her credit score jumped up to 561!

Though there is still more work to be done, Sarah continues to move closer to her goal with the help of West Ohio CAP.

*Name(s) changed to maintain client confidentiality