Stay-at-Home Mom Improves Life for Her and Her Kids Thanks to Community Action

Charity was a stay-at-home mom with three young children who was feeling frustrated about some of her past decisions and not being able to provide for her family the way she needed to. She knew that she wanted more out of life for her and her children and wanted to be a good example for them.

Her two youngest children were enrolled in Head Start and Early Head Start at Lima/Allen Council on Community Affairs (LACCA). Through the Head Start program, Charity was able to work with a Support Services Manager that LACCA provides. She set many goals with her Support Services Manager, such as finding employment, increasing her self-confidence, becoming a positive and empowering role model to those around her, and becoming actively involved in her community. Charity also became involved in LACCA’s support/mentor group, Building Links.

She began building relationships with other Head Start parents and community mentors. Once a very quiet person, not feeling confident enough to take charge or get involved, Charity became a strong leader in the group and over time began to make difficult decisions. Although Charity has had barriers in the past in regards to gaining employment, she worked hard month after month, never giving up and never losing focus on what she needed to do. No matter how many times she was told no, she kept applying, utilizing all the resources she could, being proactive and building new relationships along the way.

Charity has recently gained employment and is working steadily, determined to be as self-sufficient as she can for her and her family. She has become active in her Neighborhood Watch Association and will graduate from the Building Links group and go on to become a mentor to the next group of participants. April Cook at LACCA explained, “Charity has been an inspiration to those who have come in contact with her, showing us that hard work and determination will always go a long way.”