Weatherization Makes House a Home

Unable to work due to health issues, Debbie and her 12 year old daughter had been living with her father. But when her father kicked them out after an argument Debbie was unsure where her and her daughter would live. She looked into getting an apartment and working with HUD, but the wait for HUD assistance can be as much as two years and with being on Social Security with a limited income Debbie could not afford an apartment. She did have a trailer, but it was in such disrepair it was uninhabitable.

The trailer had no heat, no running water, an unusable stove and a broken front door from a break in, among other more minor issues. Debbie applied for the Weatherization program at the Pickaway County Community Action Organization (PICCA) in order to get assistance with fixing up the trailer. She received emergency assistance and in a matter of time, as Debbie said, “they made my place go from unlivable to livable.”

Through PICCA, Debbie received a new furnace and insulation, the water pipes and faucets were repaired and a hot water heater installed, gas shut off valves were installed for the stove so that it could be safely used again and it was cleaned and serviced, and a new front door was installed.

“For the first time I felt safe and secure, but most importantly, I had a home finally thanks to PICCA and the program,” Debbie said. “PICCA’s program left me feeling I can do this and my daughter and I will make it as we always do, but without them, I couldn’t have found the positive in this situation. … [They] helped make home feel like home.” Debbie’s daughter was also very grateful, stating, “My mommy is sick a lot and we couldn’t get everything done. Thank you for getting our home ready so we could be home and be happy.”

For more information about Community Action programs in your area, visit Note, not all Community Action Agencies offer Weatherization programs.