What is the Foundation Level Seminar Series, anyway?

Like pyramids, organizations are only as strong as their foundational level. That foundation determines the size of the pyramid, if the pyramid stays straight, and to how high the pyramid can grow. In 2016, OACAA launched a seminar series for entry level and new employees. By offering a series of seminars such as these, we believe agencies can build the capacity of a segment of our network who do not always have opportunities to attend our, or others, mainstream conferences and events. The Foundation Level Seminar Series, or FLSS trainings, will not only focus on ways to help staff better support the Community Action mission but also help each person give the best of themselves.

FLSS seminars are built as one day, stand-alone events. Each run from about 10:00 a.m. until 3:00 p.m. (though are subject to change). We anticipate this schedule will allow most of Ohio’s agencies keep travel costs down eliminating the need for overnight accommodations. A continental breakfast, lunch, and a to-go snack are provided, and our goal is to offer FLSS trainings at a significantly low price—or free—to OACAA members.

Last year, our first seminar in the series was “Bridges Out of Poverty” with Jeffrey Diver. This seminar provided attendees insights to understand poverty’s unspoken rules. Earlier this year, Scott Warrick presented “Emotional Intelligence.” Emotion Intelligence is the ability of individuals to recognize their own, and other’s emotions, to discern between different feelings and label them appropriately, to use emotional information to guide thinking and behavior, and to manage and/or adjust emotions to adapt to environments and to achieve one’s goals.  In September, we are offering a seminar covering “Diversity” presented by Trent Grooms. This seminar will increase participants’ cultural awareness, knowledge, and communication; this can benefit an organization by helping to increase the inclusion of different identity groups, prevent civil rights violations, promote better teamwork, and foster better communication and understanding with customers.

We hope these classes inspire our guests and provide them with a better sense of self, increased job satisfaction, and improved motivation towards their work. By reaching these goals, employee productivity can be increased, and turnover can be reduced thereby improving the organization’s outcomes and success for our customers.

Lorie has been with OACAA since November of 2004. She is a certified trainer in the Prep® Within My Reach curriculum, and Love’s Cradle® curriculum, Family Development Specialist and Family Development Specialist Trainer, and she is a certified Personal Financial Teacher. She is directly responsible for managing all of OACAA’s Training and Technical Assistance (TTA) and other funded programs.