Community Action Helps People in Difficult Situations

A disabled woman was living with her daughter in an abusive situation when she turned to the Economic Opportunity Planning Association of Greater Toledo (EOPA), the local Community Action Agency in Lucas County, for assistance. Her daughter was charging her excessive rent, plus additional expenses, and being verbally abusive. She decided she could not take any more, but needed assistance with her rent to move out. The situation was so dire that she stated that if she did not get help with rent, she would rather be homeless.

The client had found a one-bedroom apartment that was wheelchair accessible, but she needed the help of EOPA to pay the first month’s rent. She was able to cover all of the expenses, except for $175. EOPA not only helped her with the additional $175 payment, but also helped her connect with the Ability Center to see if she could get a better wheelchair, gave her the phone numbers for TARPS (a transportation system for handicap residents run by the regional transit authority), along with their application to complete, and completed an application for food stamps for the client.

After a couple of days an EOPA staff member contacted her to make sure that everything was okay, and to see if she wanted to attend a financial literacy class. She stated that she would once TARPS was in place.

Later she called to say that she had TARPS in place, and has since found an even better apartment through the Ability Center, but she is on a waiting list. She is waiting out her lease with the present landlord and is very thankful that EOPA helped her out of an abusive situation.

For more information about Community Action programs in your area, visit Note, not all Community Action Agencies offer these programs.