Community Action Increases Skills

A single father was experiencing financial hardships due to the limited wages he earned at his job and faithfully paying his child support each month for his two small children, whom he shares custody of with his ex-wife. He turned to the Community Action Organization of Delaware, Madison and Union Counties (CAO of DMU) looking for assistance with his utilities. While there, CAO of DMU enrolled him in their Family Development program.

The Family Development program pairs clients up with professional case workers who conduct comprehensive assessments, provide support and create action plans. Participants work on long-term strategies, skill building, and setting and achieving realistic goals and expectations to help obtain self-sufficiency and improve family life.

Through the Family Development program, CAO of DMU worked with this single father on budgeting and he attended budgeting classes to help him with cover his monthly expenses. CAO of DMU also learned that he was in desperate need of a home computer. With a home computer, he would be able to take online classes that would allow him to receive a pay raise at work. CAO of DMU was able to provide him with a two-year-old computer that had been donated to the agency. Because of that, he is now enrolled in online courses and on his way to receiving a much-needed pay raise.

For more information about Community Action programs in your area, visit Note, not all Community Action Agencies offer these programs.