Eye Care Assistance Helps Ohioan See a Better Future

Mallory lost her job and was living in a homeless shelter. She also broke her glasses and had no way of replacing them without any medical insurance or money. She learned of Lifeline’s Eye Care Assistance program from another shelter resident. Mallory turned to Lifeline, the Lake County Community Action Agency, for assistance.

Lifeline’s Eye Care Assistance program was able to assist Mallory with getting an exam and a voucher for new eyeglasses. While meeting with her Health Services Coordinator, Mallory expressed her concern about how to get to and from her appointment because she did not have a car nor funds for bus fare. Her Coordinator told her that she was eligible to receive bus fare from Lifeline through their Transportation Assistance program to get to her appointment and to pick up her glasses. The Transportation Assistance program was designed for customers like Mallory who need to travel locally as part of receiving services from another Lifeline program.

Mallory said, “I was surprised. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to get glasses because I had no car.” Mallory’s new glasses will do more for her than just help her see better. As she explained, “Now that I have my glasses, I can look for a job and move out of the shelter.”

For more information about Community Action programs in your area, visit www.oacaa.org. Note, not all Community Action Agencies offer eye care assistance or transportation programs.