There’s No Place Like Home

Mark and Joann had big dreams of buying their first home for them and their three children. To help in this process, they turned to Lima Allen Council on Community Affairs (LACCA) for assistance.

LACCA offers a Homeownership program that provides 12 hours of homeownership classes that identifies the process in which homeownership is accomplished. Speakers discuss home financing, establishing and maintaining good credit, home repair, home maintenance, and the value of neighborhood associations. LACCA’s Housing program can also help those in foreclosure crisis.

In 2009, Mark and Joann attended the Homeownership program. They worked hard attending all of the classes and meeting each step in the homeownership process. But when they finished the program, Mark unexpectedly lost his job, which put a temporary stop to their home buying process.  LACCA’s Housing Development Specialist discussed with the couple the credit they had earned and explained to them that the credits would expire in two years. The couple was informed that they could reapply at any time when they were ready to proceed with their home purchase.

In 2012, Mark started a new job as a warehouse manager. The couple was finally ready to move forward with their hopes and dreams. But because it had been more than two years, the couple had to take the homeownership courses again.


Mark and Joann eagerly started the classes, continuing on their journey to homeownership. They were surprised by how much had changed since they took the classes the first time. Mark faithfully kept all of his appointments with the Homeownership Counselor. He was always in good spirits working toward their goal of homeownership. He didn’t want to miss a step in the process or any information.

In November 2012, Mark and Joann purchased their first home. They were very excited and felt prepared thanks to the homeownership classes. They said that their home was well worth the wait.

For more information about Community Action programs in your area, visit Note, not all Community Action Agencies offer homeownership programs.